About Us

Find out about our vision, mission and meet our great team

What Is Our Vision

Assisting talented people to find employment and make an impact
Simplifying the recruitment process making it faster, cheaper and more effective

Our Mission

Utilising video/internet technology to deliver a unique pre-screening service

Allowing people to express themselves with a video supporting their written CVs

Ensuring that interviews are more productive as videos allow employers to ‘meet’ candidates prior to invitations

Our Mission

Take advantage of the New Way
of Recruitment

The world is changing drastically and businesses need to adapt rapidly to changing demands and online trends in order to survive. CUCV allows you to find talented people faster and cheaper.

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How It Works
Take advantage of the New Way<br/>of Recruitment

Who We Are

Meet the team behind CUCV. Feel free to connect with us through our social media channels.

Dr. Danie Reitmann
Dr. Danie Reitmann CEO of CUCV

Danie is a visionary entrepreneur and business man. His CUCV service allows employers to engage with great talent.

As owner of Feathers Lodge Boutique Hotel he discovered that traditional recruitment processes were not effective. “We employ people who stand out and go the extra mile in service delivery. Our team gives us the competitive edge!” It is therefore critical to consider personalities in the pre-screening process and written CVs simply do not do that.

CUCV Team Operations

Our team awakens the joy in recruitment !